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An unlikely reminder …

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As I was reading the Lifehack blog, I was struck by his advice on how to avoid having a Blue Christmas (apologies to Elvis). Check out number 7:

7. Embrace imperfection.

The holidays put a lot of pressure on us to do everything just right, whether we’re decorating our house, preparing a holiday dinner, or planning a night out. Try to lower your expectations to a realistic level – something more akin to every other day of the year. Take minor setbacks in stride, and leave the stress for another day.

It’s funny that a blog dedicated to productivity would have such a profound message for us this Christmas. What a better time that when we celebrate the birth of our Messiah to remember that nothing will be perfect, least of all our little plans for a perfect Christmas. As I’ve heard it said recently, we messed everything up so badly, Jesus had to come to fix what we broke, restore what we destroyed and reconcile us back to the Creator. We’re not perfect the other 364 days of the year and we need Jesus to pay our sin debt those days, why would we think that Christmas Day would be any different?

Praying that you would find the peace of Christ and the joy of salvation through His redeeming work this Christmas.



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